You’ve Got the Power!

 It’s all in You!

Nobody wants to feel powerless and lost. This book will teach you how you can have control over your life

Imaging being in control of your life and flowing through the things you cannot control? Having the right tools and knowing the methods to move beyond stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, depression—AND  practicing the knowledge—PUTS YOU IN THE DRIVER”S SEAT! 

This book has you challenging the way you look at things so the “things you look at”, and your experiences, change. AND change for the better. You’ve got the power! Take it now!

How to achieve the power of positive focus

How to achieve freedom from lack

How to change your experience for a positive result

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You’ve Got the Power!

 It’s all in You!

Discover everything you need to know about the Power in You!

Learn about 7 Principles that have you in control of your emotions and life!

Roxanne Christian, MT-BC, MTA

Roxanne is an international board certified music therapist. Her experiences working as music therapist for the Department of Mental Health of California, Aurora Charter Oak Hospital, The Music Therapy Centre of California, and her experiences as a business owner, gives her a very broad and inclusive perspective. 

She uses unique approaches to help one actualize their personal and business goals through her propriety methods. Roxanne uses music therapy interventions, vibrational energy clearing, and psycho education to facilitate the healing, wellness, rehabilitation, success, and creative processes.

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What to do when things don't go as planned


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